You gotta love yourself. Even if its hard.


There are some moments I desperately seek for approval from outside. Because I want to feel seen. Because I want to feel held. Appreciated. Loved.

Let me share some insights about my inner little girl.

Many times I seek approval from men. I know this teenage girl inside me who had her big heart brake. She wants to impress. She wants to show that she’s more than good enough. And wants so much to be seen and loved by these „cool“ guys. She falls into projections because she thinks that he could give her what she seeks.

LOVE. The unconditional one.
She sometimes doesn’t know how to give that to herself. How to realize that she is perfect and loveable the way she is.

But then there is also that grown up woman inside me. Who knows her worth. Her power. Her gifts. Who sees herself. Her strengths and her weakness. And who embraces all of that. She needs no approval cause she already went through all the shit and forgave herself. She knows how to give and make love to herself. .
These two ladies need to meet inside of you. Inspire each other. Give advice. Exchange love. Experience.

You don’t need to get rid of that self doubt. Or that teenage girl. You gotta embrace her. LOVE her.

Often that little girl has not been loved enough in her childhood. Maybe she got rejected by her father, mother, friends or her first love. Now its your task to take care of her!

When I look around me I see grown up people who try to act serious but acutally are still children. Well at least in their emotional behaviour.
Many years I tried to be older than I am. More serious. More wise. More grown up.

But when it comes to selflove and relationships, we need to be honest with ourselves and each other. We need to embrace all parts of us and become aware of the origin of our patterns. Don´t complain if you only meet emotionally unavailable guys who reject you. Most probably there is an unresolved pattern inside of you, that is attracting that kind of men type. So take some time to meet your inner

Little Girl

and Teenage Girl.

She is A POWER. 

She has a lot to give. She is part of you. Even if we try so hard to be these powerful women, goddesses, priestesses and whatsoever..We are children inside too. Children and teenagers who are still developing their emotional maturity. 

Be honest with yourself and rather integrate the power of that teenage girl inside of you instead of trying to be above all of that.

Life’s too short to be too serious all the time. You are good enough. Right now.