Today is V-Day

Not only Valentines Day


Vulva Day – Vagina Day – Viva la Vagina Day 

A day to honor women  and celebrate womanhood.

Women´s stories..women´s power..women´s wisdom..women´s bodies..

And it is also a day to raise awareness about women

– All kinds of women

Mostly women who are affected by sexism, violence, gender based discrimination, sexual abuse and surpression all around the world and throughout all cultures and societies. A day to change this situation – by taking action – by speaking up – by spreading the word – by reflecting on our own behavior, our own situation – by starting to love our bodies – by questioning our unhealthy mindsets and most important by supporting each other, lifting others up rather than compete or putting others down!


Today is a day to think about

  • That more than 100 million women today are affected by Female Genital Mutiliation                 (FGM is a practice where parts of the vulva, labia and klitoris or all of it are cut off which is comparable to cutting away a man’s whole penis..)
  • The fact that Female Genital Mutilation has also been practiced on western women in Europe and the U.S from the beginning of the 19th century until the year 1948 by „renown“ doctors like John Harvey Kelloggs (yes THE Kelloggs you eat for breakfast) or Dr. Isaak Baker Brown who thought that masturbation was a a serious problem and a sin and therefore cut away the Klitoris (or like Kelloggs treated it with acid!!) in order to prevent young girls and women from masturbation…
  • Or the fact that many women today are voluntarily operating their labia and cutting away the „too big inner labia“ in order to have a smaller vulva..
  • Or the fact that so many girls and women are ashamed of their bodies, think that they are too fat or whatever, only because they do not fit into society’s standards and fashion advertisements, and therefore stop eating or start hurting themselves
  • Or the fact that millions of girls and women around the world are ashamed of their menstruation and that hygiene companies make billions and billions of dollars profit with selling chloride-bleached plastic tampons and pads that can cause serious health issues
  • Or the fact that in many companies women are still facing gender pay gaps or are not even allowed to work there because of their „gender“..

…and many more unpleasant facts…

The Female Body 

I think it is really sad how the female body gets objectified, abused, misunderstood, disregarded and violated in our world. Isn´t it crazy how our bodies are used as sex symbols in the media and how women get „worshipped“ like goddesses in advertisment but at the same time are mortified because of their looks, their weight and their shape? Do our bodies really belong to us or is it somehow the media, the society that tries to own us?

First it was the church, the religions who tried to own women and their power, who humiliated women, discriminated them and claimed that they were less worthy, less smart and less important than men..

Then came the psychologists and scientiests who claimed to be able to prove women´s inferiority..

Then came the industry that tried to make us of women´s lower self-esteem to sell them stupid cosmetics, toiletries and clothes and make up they don´t need or which harm their health..

Then comes the society, the media that tries to own women´s bodies, uses them for their own benefit but throws them away when not profitable anymore..

So are we really that privileged as western women?

We might not have to go through cruel stuff like FGM etc..but are we really that privileged if we try to fit into clothes that are made for anorexic models? Are we really privileged even though most women have problems accepting their bodies and define their self-worth around pleasing others or looking good? Are we really that privileged although we have to fight for same wages? Are we really privileged although our bodies are used as „sex sells symbols“ EVERYWHERE?

I´m not sure about that.

But what I am certain of, is that its ONLY US who can make a difference, who can change the current situation. By accepting who we are, loving our bodies and raising awareness, by stop trying to fit in or please untaming ourselves – reclaiming a healthy and beautiful relationship to ourselves and sharing our power.

Lets make this day a day to change our personal mindsets and conditioning. Offer yourself something beautiful today. Look at your naked body and say „I love you“. Take away the shit of others that has made you feel so much self-doubt.

You are worthy. Smart. Talented. And beautiful. You are perfect in your imperfections <3 


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