Unshame your Period. Your blood is sacred. And so is your body.

Last night I had really strong period pain. After waking up I did a meditation and went into an inner journey with my drum, to check in with my body and to see what the pain would tell me. After a while inner pictures came up. Memories of moments where I didn´t look after myself, moments I crossed my boundaries, moments I got intimate with men, although it didn’t feel right. It felt so good to release all those energies and memories, right through my vagina into the earth. I was singing, druming, moaning and letting go natural sounds, that came out of the moment. It was a wonderful practice to reconnect with my wild raw nature and clearing my whole system.

Why am I writing about that?

Because I want to tell you the bloody truth. 

I want to open the space for sharing about our menstruation experiences. Breaking the silence around something that is so natural and so precious. Unfortunately many women don´t have a positive relationship to their monthly cycle.

How about you?
Are you ashamed talking about your period? Do you feel uncomfortable touching or smelling your blood?

Campaigns for period products like pads and tampons are turning our blood into blue liquid – trying to tell us that we need those perfumed, chemically bleached pads to hide the smell of our blood. That is implying that our blood stinks, isn’t it? 

That kind of campaigns is a shame. Not our menstruation.

We all came into this world through a vagina. A bloody one. So why would we be ashamed of something that has given us our life?

When I went to school we would make up different words for a tampon, like for example „umbrella“, only to make sure no one would know what we were talking about. Because we felt so ashamed. It was such a taboo to talk about. I remember one day a girl had dropped an unused (!!) tampon that was still packed in plastic on the floor. The boys were disgusted and shrieked out. You can imagine what that did with to period – confidence.

I don´t claim that all men are like that. I know men who are not disgusted but rather fascinated by the topic of menstruation. They want to know! So we as women need to educate them about our period experiences and the power of our menstruation. It does affect them, it is their business too. I mean, your partner/lover does penetrate you, why would you let anyone into your temple who is not interested or ashamed of your menstrual business? 


No blood, no life.

My personal relationship to my period changed when I started to use a menstrual cup 4 years ago. I was sick of stuffing tampons into my vagina and decided to find an alternative. I also read a lot about how unhealthy it is to use tampons, how they dry out the flora and can even cause a „Toxic Shock Syndrom“. Plus most of tampons, unless they are organic, are made of bleached cotton and plastic. Thats not very healthy obviously. Furthermore, it produces even more waste – and we don´t need any more of that on our planet.

A mooncup/menstrualcup is made of small, cup-shaped medicinal silicone, lasts for years and is inserted into the vagina by folding it and then popping up. Instead of soaking up the blood it (einfangen). After approximately 8-12 hours it can be (ausleeren), rinsed with water and put in again. Through this process women get in touch with their own blood. For me it was the first time (!!) to really smell and touch my blood. I was amazed by the texture of my blood, the colour, the endometrium and really felt totally different about my body after that experience.

„When all women give back their blood to the earth, the world will know peace.“

(A Hopi Saying)


My biggest transformation was offering my menstrual blood to the earth. I started doing this as a ritual, every month. I immediately felt how my womb would connect energetically to the land, plant or tree I would give my blood to. There is a power in giving back your blood, speaking your prayers, meditating and showing your gratitude for Mother Earth. It´s magic. Blood magic. For me menstrual blood represents our deepest feminine nature and power. Being aligned with her again is an empowering gift that changed my life. 

The journey of reconnecting with my blood, seeing my cycle as a gift and my period as an invitation to go inside has helped me to love my body and feminine nature just as it is. With all ups and downs. All changes, deaths and new beginnings. I want every woman to have this opportunity of reclaiming the power of her cycle and womanhood.

Unshaming. Reconnecting. And celebrating the gift of our moonblood. 


***Call to Action***

Let´s talk more about our periods. Let´s educate everyone around us and take part in a period-revolution. If you´re still sceptical – please just give it a TRY.

Look at your blood. Create art with your blood. Paint on your body. Offer it to your plants or somewhere in nature. Dare to get out of your comfort zone. 

You’re doing this not only for yourself, but for the liberation of all women.