Feminism is not about offending men. Feminists and man-haters are two different things. Feminism is about liberating ourselves from social, political and sexual oppressive systems and structures in order to find our own individual identity and freedom. Tonight I went to the cinema to watch  "#Female Pleasure". A documentary about 5 different women in 5 [...]

Emotional Freedom

Emotions are energy. We have the power to channel and use them for our life. Supressing them is of no service here.    Lately I have been surfing through various emotional waves. About one week ago it was anger, rage and furiousity that was triggered through different personal and collective issues. I was angry about [...]

Emotionale Freiheit

Emotionen sind Energie. Wir haben die Kraft sie zu lenken und für unser Leben zu nutzen. Unterdrücken bringt da gar nichts. In letzter Zeit surfe ich durch viele verschiedene Emotionswellen. Vor einer Woche war es ganz stark die Wut - ausgelöst durch persönliche und auch kollektive Themen. Wut über Menschen in meinem Leben die unauthentisch [...]

You gotta love yourself

You gotta love yourself. Even if its hard.   There are some moments I desperately seek for approval from outside. Because I want to feel seen. Because I want to feel held. Appreciated. Loved. Let me share some insights about my inner little girl. Many times I seek approval from men. I know this teenage [...]


Victoria is a holistic dance teacher, performer and coach. She facilitates workshops and retreats in Austria and international, performs  solo and in collaborations and loves to inspire people with her art, healing work and texts.