Emotions are energy. We have the power to channel and use them for our life. Supressing them is of no service here. 


Lately I have been surfing through various emotional waves. About one week ago it was anger, rage and furiousity that was triggered through different personal and collective issues. I was angry about people who were not authentic towards me. Angry about my own dishonesty. Angry about boundary-crossings. Angry about patriarchal structures and inequities. And so much more.

I´d say it was pretty intense 😉

Anger vs. Courage

Anger is one of the most powerful emotions that can cause huge transformation – if we allow it to flow… After expressing my emotional energy, anger made space for pain, sadness and love.

Forget about all this psycho-spiritual bullshit of „You need to shine only your light“. In our society mostly women are conditioned to always behave, be nice, tender and sweet. F**k that. 

I believe that there would be less war and conflict in this world if we would allow ourselves more often to feel and express our true feelings in a safe space.  

Inspired by my furious emotions I created this Facebook – Live Video.

Watch here:


Emotions and feelings don´t last forever. My personal emtional spectrum moves daily between joy, sadness, excitement, anger, inspiration and much more. All of this is just an expression of life force and the less we fight against it, the easier it is to let it go. Emotion actually means „Energy – in – Motion“. 


„Panta Rhei – Everything flows“





No darkness, no light.


If we want to shine our light we first need to dive deep into our own darkness. Although i believe that there is no such thing as dark/evil or bad emotions. I believe its only about HOW we deal with our emotions. HOW we USE them. 

For example if you´re angry you could project that on another person, which might hurt. But you could also take responsibility and express your anger through movement, breath or whatever helps you to release.

Or instead of using our sexual energy „only“ for having sex we could also direct it into the creation of projects, ideas and manifesting dreams..



That is true mastery for me – to be connected to yourself and become aware of your emotions in each moment – without judging or suppressing anything. And you don´t need any special techniques or mantras for that.

For this mastery I simply need to be Brave.

Radically honest to my self.

Feeling myself. Breathing. Opening my eyes for the truth. Accept what´s there. And loving myself.

Allowing myself to cry. Scream. Laugh and love.

And most of all simply expressing myself in an authentic way. Just being WHO I AM.

Then I got nothing to loose.

Then I am free…